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Joanne Ryder's Presentations

Grade Level and Program Content:
Her books are for K-3, but Joanne Ryder is comfortable with all ages. Her talks can fit in with most science or language arts curriculums. She may tailor the content and focus of her programs to fit the needs of the audience. Occasionally, she uses puppets in her presentations. Joanne is also available for writers' workshops, even for students as young as first graders. She brings colored pens that she gives out (free) to the students to enhance the writing experience. She can give writing workshops to grade 1 to 6.

Program Length:
She can do a maximum of 3 presentations per day of 45-60 minutes each, plus as much time as is needed for book-signings.

Ms. Ryder's honorarium should be presented by the end of the last day of her visit. 
Generally speaking, she charges $1,500 a day, plus expenses, for a day of 3 presentations.


If asked to speak at two schools during one day, giving 4 presentations (two presentations at each of the two schools), she charges $2,000 a day, plus expenses. The two schools should be fairly close together so that there's not too much traveling time between them. Please note that the school that has her for the whole day, giving 3 sessions, benefits more because she can speak to smaller groups; therefore, the children get more out of each program.

Please contact Catherine Balkin of Balkin Buddies by phone or email to discuss.

For further information, especially about the expenses (travel, hotel, and meals), click the "Arrange An Appearance" button and see "General Information on the Cost of an Author Appearance" as well as the 'Honorariums' section near the bottom of "How to Plan an Author Appearance."